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    Agricultural tractors could be divided into three types, they are Walking Tractors, Wheeled Tractors and Crawler Tractors ; by power they can be divided into large, medium and small tractors. In this three kind of tractors, the Walking tractor which is a small tractor and the power is below 11kW (15 hp), it is mainly applied to plots of farmland operations and short-distance transport operations, it is more use in the south country areas. Wheeled tractor is divided into belts transmission and power output shaft transmission, belt transmission is usually used in a small four-wheel tractors, the power is in 8.8kW ~ 14.7kW (12 hp to 20 hp); power output shaft of transmission is for the large and medium-sized tractors, the power is above the 14.7kW (20 hp). Along with the production needs, the power of the tractor is larger and larger; wheeled tractor is mainly for agricultural operations or transport operations, there into large wheeled tractors are suitable for using in large farmland areas production, can greatly improve production efficiency. As crawler tractors can be equipped with earth-moving shovel, so they are generally used farm infrastructure and building water conservancy. The power is used diesel engines.


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