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When the tractor works for a certain time, due to operation, friction, vibration and load changing, it can not avoid to appear that the joint parts loosen, the parts abrasion, corrosion, fatigue, aging, and sundries clogging, it will make the horsepower depressed, using oil increased, work efficiency depressed, the parts disordered, even damage. In order to make the engine to in good technical condition, prolong its life, it must adopt a series of technique maintenance measure, such as inspection, cleaning, lubrication, tightening, adjustment or replacement some certain parts etc.


1. Check the technique states for the front wheel alignment and turning device regularly. It is the main measure to lighten tire abrasion and parts damage that regularly to check and adjust the front wheel alignment, the front wheel axle clearance and turning device. Shall be inspected accordance with the requirements of various types of tractor’s number. If necessary, be adjusted. Especially pay attention to the front toe, front wheel bearing clearance, steering knuckle spindle nut and the fixed horizontal nut.


2. Strictly follow the rules to operate. Starting should be smooth, driving tractor in the field and uneven road should be at slow speed, do not pass through the ridge, drains and turning at high speed. When in transport operations, should maintain medium-speed running, as much as possible to avoid the emergency brake, should be according to the load size to choose the suitable shift, do not make tractor usually under overload working condition.


3, Maintain normal tire pressure and track tension degree. When pressure is too high, buffer weakened, tractors increased vibration, then it is easy to damage parts and cause driver fatigue; and the pressure is large when worked in field, the adhesion turns bad, it will increase the amount of subsidence and rolling resistance, the over high pressure meet the impact, even gives the tube burst. When the pressure is too low, then the tire deformation is larger, increases running resistance, and makes the tire fever, accelerate tire aging and damage. The tire pressure should adjust with the season temperature and operating conditions. Crawler tractor’s crawler is too tight or too loose that would make crawler board, crawler pin and wheel to accelerate abrasion, and in serious it could appear derailed and blocked track, causing the parts damage.


    Must pay attention to daily inspection, and keep the various parts clean. Regularly to check the fastening situation between wheel bolts, nuts and pin, should keep close. Add lubricative grease to swing sleeve pipe, front axle and steering burl. Usually to inspect the oil level of towing wheel, guiding wheel and supporting wheels, etc. If necessary, add lubricant, and regularly clean and change oil as per C required. Promptly remove dirt and oil. Keep running parts clean, especially pay attention to prevent tire pollution by gasoline, diesel, oil and acid-alkali contamination, to prevent corrosion and aging. In tires dismantling, do not use sharp pointed tool, prevent to damage the tires, should pay attention to the direction of the tire pattern when installed. Looking from up to down, the top of the letter “” or “” mush be towards the tractor’s running direction. Regularly to exchange the symmetrical parts to extend the using lift, such as tires, driving wheels, axes and crawlers, etc.

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