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1. High-pressure oil pipe abrasion and leak oil. The joint between the head of the high-pressure oil pipe and oil valve appear leak oil, may cut a circle copper from the waste cylinder, make a small hole in the center to abrade smooth, and fill up in the protruding, then can meet their urgent needs.


2. Sudden lack of oil. Tractor appears leak of oil in operation, after exhaust air and replace the plunger, nozzle still did not have effect, that is, the small steel ball in the injection needle appear partial abrade which make the fuel injection not be atomized, At this time should be replaced by a small ball, if there is not, it also could be replaced by a bicycle flywheel’s ball.


3.Steering shaking and front wheel Rocker. If it appears steering shaking and front wheel rocker, it mainly due to improper front wheel alignment and too small back obliquity. In the absence of detection instrument cases, you should try to add iron between the armor plate springs and the back of the front axle seat, it make the front axle turn back, then increase the back obliquity of the main pin, it can return to normal after the test run.


4.Freely skip shift after changing speed. When tractor is in operation, it appears that the shift skips freely, it mainly due to axle trough abrasion, spring infirmness and the big clearance between the joint. At this time, you should repair the orientation trough, change spring, reduce the clearance between the join. Make sure the normal speed after putting up the shift.


5.Bad performance of the Oil Pump. In order to solve the oil pump of the engine which had been overhauled or repaired that had not pumped up the oil when starts the engine, it should discharge the oil filter or the pipeline, and then fill up the oil from the outer oil hole by oil implement, then install the filter or the pipeline which lead to the oil indicator, then the oil will be pumped up after starts.


6. Hydraulic tubes break and damage. Due to the pressure changing frequently or the high oil temperature, bring out the pipe wall’s opening and closing frequently, it is badly easy to break and take accident. In order to extend the service lift of the pipe, it is better to fire the thin wire become a spring that put it inside the pipe as their support.


7. Braking system is inefficiency. Be careful to check the brake master cylinder and wheel cylinders, change the brake oil on time, thoroughly get rid of the air in the brake pipe, and check the brake pedal whether to fit for the height of science. The engine by air pressure braking need to check the adjustment maximum brake pressure of work, check the braking hose and tube whether had abnormal changes.


8.The diesel engine emits blue smoke. The diesel engine emits blue smoke, you need to check the below reasons, such as whether the piston assembly is abrasion, whether the spring of the piston ring is weakened, whether the oil is too much, whether the oil level of the air filter is too high, etc. Besides the above reasons, you still fail to solve the problem, then you should pay attention to check the potential cause whether the gap between the valve and rod is too large or not.


9.Multi-scale make the temperature of the engine to be high. The Multi-scale in engine cooling pump will cause the engine temperature too high, it accelerate the parts wear and tear, lower the power, and burn the oil of the lubrication pump. The most scientific method is to select two large sponge gourd, remove skin and seeds, put into the tank after cleaning, change it regularly, then could get rid of the scale. The water in tank should not be frequently changed, as frequently changing would increase the scale formation.


10.Tube leaks air slowly. Tube leaks air slowly, should give out the air in tube as much as possible, insert the filler which made by hard paper to the valve, then get two spoon talcum powders to pour into the tube, after this, fit on the valve core and fill up the air as per standard. The talcum powders which inside tube would be in permeation and conglutinate on the tire side, which can effectively prevent the micro-pores to leak air with good results.


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